About Us

Grocery Wallet is creating a niche market segment in the field of eCommerce. This is actually helping a lot of new startups to pull up their socks and grab a hold over consumers. But when we are staring at a geographical isolation and economic crunch, it raises the bars and scope of even hyperlocal deliveries. This can make or break the path leading to successful business, just be bold and figure out the right move for your business aspirations. An online platform that lets grocers sell their products through the internet is known as an online grocery store. Just like any other B2C eCommerce business, an online grocery store also has registered vendors the only difference is that the service of these sites is totally based on time and topography.

Why to choose Grocery Wallet?

  • online grocery shopping saves a lot of time that they otherwise had to reserve particularly for visiting the grocery store and roam aisle to aisle in search of the items they want to shop. Then comes the payment process. Standing in the queue to get the QR codes of all the items checked and then paying.
  • online grocery shopping also saves money. Customers save some money on each item they put in the cart as it is always listed at a lower price than what they pay otherwise.
  • the customers enjoy doorstep delivery that too in the shortest time possible. This is the whole gist of online shopping; you get goods at your doorsteps.
  • customers have a surfeit of options to choose from, all the brands are available at the same place.

there are various payment options in online shopping, the customers can choose any of it and pay.